Cost effective Ways To Pack Up Your Life and Move

Did you know there are over 40 ways to make your move a whole lot simpler? We will not be including them all in this content, seeing as how some may not apply to your situation. This content will cover all the basics, including filling up the cardboard boxes.

1) Get Rid Of Whatever You Are Not Using

It is amazing how much we accumulate in a few short years, let alone 10-20 years. It is time to take inventory of all your items. Get rid of anything that is not being used. Some of you are like to hold onto things for sentimental reasons and this is understandable. You do need to be realistic though.

Is there a cute jacket you bought months ago. Time to be honest. Have you worn it at all? Donate anything that you have not worn in a few months. Purge everything and only box up what you intend to keep.

2) Items To Sell

What items are you donating? Put them aside in cardboard boxes and schedule a time for pickup. What items are you selling to make some money? Put them in boxes and arrange a garage sale. Make sure the item are able to be sold first and then advertise a date to hold the sale. Pocket any money you make and use it for your move. You will be surprised at what someone may pay for a vintage leather jacket you no longer wear.

3) Professional Companies

It is better to hire someone professional to take care of the move. You will not be able to get everything into your car or moving van as you drive off. Do some research. Take a look at moving companies in your area and make some calls. See what their rates are. Find out how reputable they are. You are putting a lot of trust in these people. You better be getting your money’s worth for this investment.

4) Scheduling Your Move

This sometimes is the hardest part of the move. You need to schedule your move on the right day and at the right time. Weekends are not good for most companies. Try hitting the company sometime between Tuesday-Thursday. Friday through Monday is usually the busiest times. Scheduling during these times will sometimes give you a discount. This may not happen all the time so it is better to check. You may get lucky.

5-1) Your Route

Some of you may be traveling across state lines. Some of you may be traveling across the country. Map out your route ahead of time, no matter what your travel plans are. You need the most efficient way to get where you are going.

An Example

When I moved back home to Florida, I took the most efficient way. I got on the PA turnpike. Got onto the I-95 south ramp and kept going. I did not stop until I hit Florida. I avoided all the traffic jams and made it in good time.

5-2) Back To Your Route

The point is, pick a route that does not involve you sitting in traffic gridlock for hours. Pick a route that does not have you stopping 3 times a day to adjust GPS.


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